Importance of Organizing Events in Art Education/Abstract

The education that giving in fine arts involves the aim of training the leader individuals in their fields and making national-international recognition by means of scientific, creative activities. In this context for the aim of reinforce the education of this field regular publications, exhibitions, workshops and etc. are held. All these events that or-ganize by institutions provide significant contributions to the students and the trainers. In mentioned framework, institutions of fine arts educate the students in accordance with its own corporate identity promote their existing educational programs by means of organizing artistic and scientific knowledge-sharing events. These events are or-ganized sometimes separately, sometimes co-organized with all branches of the fine arts together. The active collaboration through information sharing have been made with a universal approach to educate students who has creative identity can research, develop, and contribute to an interdisciplinary art works. The aim of this study is to take attention to the importance of organizing events in art education by means of organized events at Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts.

Keywords: Fine Arts, Education, Ceramics, Event.