The Experience Of "Art Zhyzhal" Ceramic Plein Air

This article is written to share the artistic experience of creating ceramics which occurred in a forest in Belarus. This forest is a recreation center and at the mean time it is a making pottery Plein air workshop place. If you are fond of art, especially ceramics, the International Plein Air Ceramic “Art Zhyzhal” is the ideal choice for inspiring you. The whole idea is active participation in oral presentations, demonstrations and workshops for sharing your knowledge, experience and talent. The Plein Air Ceramic “Art Zhyzhal has been organizing since 2003. Since that time professional Belarusian and foreign artist-ceramists take part in it every year. The general motto of the Plein air is “From tradition to modernity through mastery experience”. In this article the experience of the Plein air in Belarus is explained by means of the photographs and memories.

Keywords: Ceramics, Plein Air, Workshops, Belarus

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